Advanced Training

The basic training program is a prerequisite for the Advanced Training.

The goal of this training program, as stated in the guidelines, is to further develop the professional skills taught in the basic training:

„A TCI group leader holding a diploma has the ability to lead groups according to / using TCI and to apply TCI comprehensively:

  • He/she has developed a realistic view of him/herself with respect to his/her own personality, has recognized his/her strengths and weaknesses as a leader and learned to deal with them.
  • He/she has learned to receive and offer feedback, to deal with recognition and criticism and express feelings.
  • He/she has come to terms with the value system of TCI (axioms and postulates) with relation to his/her attitude, established and/or examined his/her own position and integrated humanistic values in his/her personal and professional thoughts and actions.
  • He/she has learned to be selectively authentic, to practice leadership based on participation and to show esteem and tolerance for his/her own personality as well as that of others."

(Training Guidelines 2016, p. 7f.)

The training begins with an introductory Concept Workshop (CWS) and encompasses with the Diploma Workshop (DWS). It containes at least 135 sessions.

The training is accompagnied by a process of self-organized learning in peer-groups (40 sessions).

You can download an overview of the Advanced Training here.

More Information Sheets and Forms you find in the menu "Downloads".

Next Concept and Diploma Workshops

Conzeptworkshop (CWS):

CWS II 26. - 29. Juli 2024 in Neustadt an der Weinstraße
Seminarleader: Ulrike Rietz und Dorit Keese
Registration deadline: 26. Juni 2024
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Diploma Workshop (DWS)

20 - 22. September 2024 in Waldbreitbach
Seminarleader: Beatrix Optenhövel und Hubert Liebens
Registration deadline: 15 . August 2024
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