Additional Training in TCI

We offer advanced seminars to people with diplomas and to graduate instructors to keep up the quality of TCI.

Members of the Training Committee:
Sigrid Ophoff
Pirjo Susanne Schack
Jochen Spielmann

TCI Workshop
A TCI workshop is offered that aims to study familiar subjects in depth. The "workshop" is a course in which instructors can learn from each other by exchanging ideas and sharing aspects of their practical work.

TCI Instructor Education
The TCI instructor education (former graduand course) is meant for instructors, diploma holders and graduands.

Professionally specific conferences on various topics take place every year.
These are organised by the professional groups in the RCI International.

For further information, please visit the websites of our professional groups.

Further additional training
You can find possible further trainings through our search screen
Please select "Event" -> "Fortbildung" or enter the seminar into the first box.