Upon completing the secondary training and receiving the TCI diploma a candidate can continue on to become a TCI instructor.

During this step, the ability to TCI is emphasized. To teach one must become competent in the methodology and didactics of TCI.

Please note: The submission deadlines for graduation theses are 1 April and 1 December 2024.
From 2025, there will only be one submission deadline: 1 December 2025.

The following downloads are available:

Orientation Workshop for Graduation

OWS 2024
Date: 1.-3.3.2024
Training: Marc Verschueren and Hartwig Kiesow
Venue: Hanns-Lilje-Haus, Hannover

Please register for the OWS here on the platform:


Graduation Workshop (GWS)

GWS 2024
18. - 20.10.2024
Leitung: Dr. Sandra Bischoff und Dr. Hartwig Kiesow
Ort: Hannover


Current information from the Graduation Committee

"Contact person for lecturers in matters of graduation are Marc Verschueren and Hartwig Kiesow

Contact persons for graduands in matters of graduation are Sandra Bischoff: and Hartwig Kiesow:


Graduands who submit their graduation documents to the members of the Graduation Committee should send

  • both a printed copy and a pdf version to each member of the graduation committee and
  • a further copy by e-mail as a pdf file for archiving to the Berlin office:


Members of the GC/GA are:

Ursula Endler-Hoehne
Ulfilasstraße 19
81739 München
T: +49 179-2944708

Rolf Lenhartz
Am Aspelkreuz 2
50859 Köln
T: +49 163-5003634

Dr. Hartwig Kiesow
Meisenweg 5
18057 Rostock
T: +49 157-58279201

Marc Verschueren
Drakenhoflaan 170 bus 502
2100 Deurne
T: +32 474 66 24 17

Dr. Sandra Bischoff
Pferdehof 16
D 24107Kiel
T: +49 431 978926