Upon completing the secondary training and receiving the TCI diploma a candidate can continue on to become a TCI instructor.

During this step, the ability to TCI is emphasized. To teach one must become competent in the methodology and didactics of TCI.

Please note: The submission date for the graduation papers is April 1st.

The following downloads are available:

Orientation Workshop for Graduation

OWS 2021
Date: 26. - 28.02.2021, Hannover
Training: Karin Fritzsche and Hartwig Kiesow

Please register for this seminar on the new platform:

OWS 2022
Date: 11. - 13.2.2022
Training: Hermann Kügler and Marc Verschueren


Graduation Workshop according to the new graduation regulations (9165)

GWS 2021
Date: 24.-26.09 2021 in Neustadt/Weinstrasse
Training: Hermann Kügler and Karin Fritzsche

GWS 2022
Date: 16. - 18.09.2022
Training: Hartwig Kiesow and NN

Graduation Committee

The Graduations Committee supplies further information and advice on this part of the training program.

For questions concerning graduation, please contact:

Members of the GC/GA are:

Karin Fritzsche
Robert-Stolz-Straße 19
67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße
T: +49 6321 33041

Dr. Hartwig Kiesow
Stephanstraße 12 B
18055 Rostock
T: +49 157-58279201

Hermann Kügler
Kaulbachstr. 31a
80539 München
T: T: +49 89 38185 210

Mina Schneider-Landolf
Memlingstraße 7b
D 12203 Berlin
T: +49 30 8553224

Marc Verschueren
Drakenhoflaan 170 bus 502
2100 Deurne
T: +32 474 66 24 17

Dr. Sandra Bischoff
Pferdehof 16
D 24107Kiel
T: +49 431 978926