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The RCI international mourns the death of

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kroeger

On 9 September 2021, the emeritus Protestant church historian and TCI teacher Prof. Dr. Matthias Kroeger passed away at the age of 86. Until the end he was able to live in his house in Radegast, where he maintained close contact with his family, but always avoided communication via electronic media. The philologist and theologian, who was highly gifted in music and language, belonged to the founding generation of the Workshop Institute for Living Learning (WILL) in Europe.

Born in 1935 in Riga, Latvia, Kroeger studied philology and Protestant theology after the Second World War. As a Protestant theologian, he met Ruth C. Cohn, a Jewish woman, in the 1970s. Matthias Kroeger became one of the closest companions of the founder of Theme-Centred Interaction (TCI). Even before Ruth C. Cohn had settled in Goldern, Switzerland, after her return from American exile, Matthias Kroeger was able to present her his book "Theme-Centred Pastoral Care", in which he had combined C. R. Rogers' client-centred approach with Ruth C. Cohn's TCI.

With Matthias Kroeger, the Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI - international loses one of its most distinguished instructors. Those who took courses with Matthias Kroeger - and there were many people - were not only deeply introduced to the attitude and method of TCI.

In addition to numerous theological publications and his fundamental work on TCI, Matthias Kroeger mainly wrote contributions that further developed TCI. Almost every contribution begins with a knowledgeable reception of Ruth C. Cohn's views and writings. This is usually followed by an in-depth interpretation or a connection with a new school of thought. As far as TCI is concerned, Matthias Kroeger recently dealt in depth with the understanding of the globe. His model of self-supervision is also particularly well known. His extraordinary talent for dealing artfully with language qualified him especially for working on issues. "Offering a language to the faded-out, non-socialised themes that persist in speechlessness and unconsciousness" (Theme-Centred Pastoral Care, 213) was his special charisma.

The influence between Ruth C. Cohn and Matthias Kroeger was mutual. The psycho- and social therapist, who, according to her own statements, had hardly dealt with her faith in American exile, was confronted with religious questions in a new way, among other things, through her friendship and close collaboration with the theologian. Ruth C. Cohn bequeathed Matthias Kroeger - together with Helga Herrmann - her extensive "intellectual estate", which he transferred to the archive of the Humboldt University in Berlin. There it will be accessible to interested people and academic research from the end of 2022.

Matthias Scharer


International Symposium on the Opening of the Estate of Ruth C. Cohn in Berlin: 20 - 22 October 2022.
Title: Ruth C. Cohn (1912-2010) - Life and Work of a Courageous Woman


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