Peer Group

Participants of the advanced training, who are at about the same stage of their training are forming a peer group, which is organized by themselves and which they give a fitting organisational structure. (Duration of meetings, preparation and leadership, etc.) This Peer Group is a continual company within the advanced training.


New peer group to be formed in summer 2021
If you are interested, please contact:
Claudia Roloff:
Location: still open, tends to be south-west Germany

For further information about the Peer Groups, click here


Newly founded peer group is happy to welcome more people!

So far, our peer group consists of seven people from Cologne to Switzerland.
We are happy to welcome more people, especially more women and people over 40,
to bring a little more diversity into our group. So far we have met for a decision weekend.

Our next and first peer group meeting will take place from Friday 17.9.21 in the evening until Sunday 19.9.21 in Heidelberg. (At least that's what we hope)
If you would like more information and are interested in joining us, please contact Barbara Schmocker. or phone +41 79 419 61 43


If you are in search of a Peer Group, the regional training comittee or the coodinator of Peer Groups may be able to help you:

Hubert Liebens
Ossenohr 8
31559 Haste

T +49 179 70 37 690