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Most of our seminars are open to the general public, and they can be counted as training seminars.

Increasing intercultural skills is one of our primary aims. We encourage people from different professions and cultures to attend seminars, work together and profit from each other.

Training categories are:

Method courses (Methodenkurse) introduce the TCI method and didactics as well as provide an opportunity for participants to experience TCI in action.

Personality Development (Persönlichkeitskurse) offer the opportunity for personal development.

Certificate Workshops (Zertifikatsworkshops) complete the basis training.

Concept Workshops (Konzeptworkshops) provide orientation for the advanced training.

Advanced Courses (Vertiefungskurse) comprise an in-depth analysis of methods, style, theory, the TCI philosophy and their use in various fields.

Supervision Courses (Supervisionskurse) oversee participants' work with TCI in their own professions.

Crisis in Groups/Individual Crisis (Krisenkurse) offer theoretical and practical knowledge of individual personality structures and psychopathological forms of behavior, their effects on groups, and appropriate methods for prevention and intervention in non-therapeutic groups.

Other Group Processes (Andere Gruppenprozesse): We encourage people in training to become acquainted with other models of running groups, in order to see how they compare to TCI.

Diploma-Workshops (Diplomworkshops) complete the secondary training.