Training in TCI

We offer a training program for TCI-group-leaders. Here you can get information about aims, curricula and conditions.

On our seminar platform you will find the current range of TCI courses.

The training program program of two parts: It begins with the basic training leading to the TCI certificate, followed by a secondary training program ending with the „TCI-diploma". Upon completion of the training program, it is possible to continue and become a certified TCI instructor (graduate).

If you are interested in a TCI-training please contact our office.

And here are the training guidelines for download.


International Education Committee (IEC)

The International Education Committee (IEC) is responsible for supra-regional education issues.
You can contact us at:

The IEC has equal representation:

Graduate members

Non-graduate members

Dorit Keese

Reingard Lange

Beatrix Optenhövel

Ulrike Rietz

Dr. Martina Fach-Overhoff

Ulrike Renker

Marion Stein

Torge Voss

We stand for clear, transparent and realisable regulations in relation to training on the basis of the applicable training guidelines and implementation regulations.
These provide guidance for trainees and teachers.
We support regions and teachers in carrying out TCI training.
As a committee, we ensure the implementation of the training regulations in cases where there are no regional training responsibilities.
We initiate the further development of the training guidelines if we recognise a need for this from our work.

Here is a brief overview of the IEC's special responsibilities:

Offering and ensuring RCI courses

  • CerWS - certificate workshop in the Building Block System
  • CWS - Concept workshop
  • DWS - Diploma workshop

Approval of Pre-structured Training Course (PTC) of provider associations and cooperations.

Special approvals for courses offered by graduands so that they are recognised as training courses.

Recognition of "other training courses" for basic and advanced training.

Cooperation and coordination with the regional training committees.

Overview and contact with peer groups.